For two reasons mostly: If you press against the palm rest area, the case slightly creaks. However, such ideas were implemented only in some hardcore machines the size of a large suitcase—with 20″ displays and big 80mm fans. MSI representatives asserted at the presentation that when this button was pressed in the battery mode, the notebook would go into a reduced power consumption mode. The keyboard sports a numeric pad, which adds to the usability of the system both in everyday use and when gaming. MSI is not a new name to mobiles, notebooks and laptops, but to many it is a dismal non-entity, producing bland solutions with little appeal in this arena. Due to the non-reflecting display there are hardly any disturbing reflections.

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This impression is preserved, when you open the lid. And the dedicated scroll bar works fine for reading texts. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

Very likely, gamer also won’t like the small cursor keys. In other words, they work, but they are not enjoyable. Most of the back side of the GX is occupied by the battery On the other hand, it suffers from a number of awkward solutions and limitations in ergonomics.

It offers an excellent bundle, you won’t have to buy anything. Nevertheless the benchmark results are all right.


This improves the performance, especially, if you run current computer games.

Overclocking the CPU to 2. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website.

MSI Megabook GX – External Reviews

However, it has some drawbacks. Although MSI probably wanted to make it clear that the GX is really meant for gaming, in our opinion, the designers overdid it. The WLAN test good bis maximum brightness of the display, and activated energy saving settingswas a gz600x bit better. Our notebook was equipped with a 2.

Note that the keys in the bottom row are narrower than in two upper rows. To summarize, the Megabook GX is only a little bit quieterbut much colder than the bigger GX model.

As we have already mentioned in the introduction, the main distinctive feature and one of the main advantages of this notebook is its stock overclocking function. The quality of the speakers is sufficient for computer games and for listening to music.

To summarize, you should take special care of this notebook and frequently clean the surfaces. The decent shiny white MSI logo at the back side of the lid attracts attention. As gx60x0 can see, not all games benefit from CPU overclocking.

MSI GX600 Extreme Edition Review

For most consumers, we find its design may be a little too loud and crass to be carrying around. Placement of the left control key is also in an odd position one over from the left, with the function key taking its place. Our favorite gaming laptop right now is beautiful, powerful and portable. The brightness of the lower parts is all right, but the brightness heavily diminishes to the top and, so, the illumination is only Wireless throughput from the Still, the keyboard gives in its centre and some areas clatter.


The two hinges appear to be smallnearly too small for a display of this size.

Let’s examine it one more gz600x. We ran all the benchmarks under Vista Home Premium with Forceware version It’s just a general outline of the configuration. Review You can immediately tell by the fiery tribal-style tattoo emblems that grace the lid and wrist rests of the piano-black MSI GX Extreme Gxx600x that the system is aimed squarely at the fragging set.

The viewing angles are average. The rear panel is occupied by a battery and a vent grid.