As such the bundle is fairly mundane. This turned out to be not a quiet card in these circumstances. The GTX is a very fast, and well balanced card. Gaming with this card provides an excellent experience. Steve Klein steveklein4 comcast. Everything is packed nicely, and shipping damage should not be a concern.

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MSI NGTX Superpipe OC GeForce GTX Review | PC Perspective

We will get a good idea gxt how memory affects performance MB effective vs. It’s not that bad, a black PCB would of improved it’s looks a bit, as would a black rear IO plate and red dvi sockest But 2885 real question will be how well it performs. I’m trying to find a second one for SLI, but can’t seem to find one for sale anywhere. Personally i think its fugly.

With that in mind, I would still wait a few weeks before purchasing this or any other GTX card. During certain applications the fan spins up so it is the loudest super;ipe on the test bench and in the test lab. Windows Vista 64 Ultimate was used, but I am certain that by the time the next vid card review rolls around I will be using Win7. October 28, Where the 55 nm process really helped pay for itself is in the clockspeeds and TDPs of these parts.


Even if it’s used, I would superpiep interested. Knox, but pretty close. Do you happen to have one available? Without all the plastic cladding, the NGTX is slightly smaller in size.

It is fabricated at the 65 nm node, and it is around mm squared in size. Using stream units, plus heavily redesigned from the previous G80 and G92 generations of parts, it was a rendering monster for its time. My case is a showpiece with glass and lots of lights, so this is more an esthetic issue for me.

Priced as the superipe is now, I think it is a fair deal considering what else is out there. The heatsink does not exhaust directly out the back of the computer, but the extra grills do allow airflow from the case and around the vid card to exit fairly easily. As the name suggests, SuperPipe is a custom cooling system featuring enhanced heatpipes.

Home Reviews News Forums. No word on pricing yet, but we expect availability soon, and we’d be surprised not to see SuperPipe implemented on other MSI cards in the near future, too. The lower card is a reference GTX This is a very significant decrease in power consumption, all the while allowing the clockspeeds to go up. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.

The box has fairly typical artwork for a video card, but the internal packaging is actually quite robust. We also can take a good look at power vs.


This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. One point I should make about heat pipes msk it’s not just how wide they are that effects there performance, far from it.

The biggest differences are those brought about by the 55 nm process.

MSI N285GTX Superpipe OC GeForce GTX 285 Review

Steve Klein steveklein4 comcast. A quarter century tour; a Space Marine’s job is never done. The internal sturcture and the effeicenice of the capilery action, the amount of fluid with in them, the compersition of the fluid and the optimal heat range. The top end cards that we have available now can drive most applications at x resolutions superpi;e differing amounts of quality settings enabled.

It is a big chip and it is power hungry.

Latest News Latest Videos. It also really raised the bar on GPGPU performance, as it turned out to be much more flexible than its previous parts, or parts from its main competitor. When I was writing at my previous site, I rarely had the chance to get my hands on the latest and greatest video cards.