This capability might in some cases conflict with the flash loader mechanism provided by the debugger. Make your next career move Join our team! You’re going to have to be far more specific. Breakpoints and memory can now be modified during execution. In order to make use of this firmware, the following Terms Of Use must be accepted: When using the restore breakpoints feature and ARM11, the debugger could set two breakpoints at the same address.

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For Cortex-M, the hardware breakpoint was not removed when it was cleared.

LPC-Link2 – Embedded Artists

After download and installation, you have the ilnk evaluation options to choose from: Learn more about J-Link. Vector catch functionallity did not work properly and in some cases this could lead to the fact that two breakpoints were set at same address. This is supported by kink the J-Link and the J-Trace probe. Must not be used for product development or any other kind of commercial use. J-Link can handle multicore debugging. Introduced with firmware Intel XScale is currently not supported. The alleged promise of proprietary tools is that they just work; the problem is that when they do not, you have little recourse to understand why, verses something like openocd where you can actually debug the tool itself.


It is now possible to choose to abort the debug session or reset and try again to get the control back. Combining the options Suppress download and Verify download did not work.

LPC-Link 2 firmware

In some cases, the debugger could fail to clear temporary breakpoints set to control the execution of the flash loader. The diagnostic message “Debugger problem discovered: MXSK evaluation board i.

CPU reset is now performed properly for Stellaris devices that need special reset handling. Description of Support and Update Agreement. Possible to show trace timestamps.

The new J-Link driver will automatically update the firmware. SWO functionality is not supported when cspybat is used with J-Link. If there is any doubt if a certain use may be considered within the foregoing scope it is strongly recommended to consult SEGGER prior to use.

When starting a debug session, the following license dialog shows up which must be accepted in order to be able to work with LPC-Link This has been fixed but requires a J-Link v8 or later to get the higher speed.


Sign up using Email and Password. Cristian Mardones 3 Accessories Adapters – Overview Isolators – Overview. Any hints on how to improve this? The debugger might close unexpectedly when reading from a non-existent peripheral location.

The error message when setting a breakpoint fails was not informative enough.

LPC Link 2 | SEGGER – The Embedded Experts

For more libk, refer to Part 6. The debugger did not handle this and an error occured when reading a trace buffer. This is no longer done. MX Application Processors i.

Using it with other devices is prohibited and illegal. It is not for use with custom hardware.