I got one last week went into the shop they checked my post code told me i had excellent coverage where i lived Oh one other thing I remember I also had to do to get it to work, which was to change the modem script in the network prefs to the correct Huawei one and not the default Apple one that was selected. Please enable Javascript to add a comment We regret that this necessary to prevent spam messages. They SMS when the online bill is ready, wait for it Thanks so much for the tip – it works a treat.

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HUAWEI E170 HSPA 3G USB Modem Windows/Mac OS Driver, Software, User Guide

I found the Huawei dissapoiting. The button save is pressed but no changes are saved. Thanks again Ben – a life saver. I have been having problems with this USB msc on OSX – the modem works fine using the settings provided here – logs on quickly – no problem, but it seems the stick starts to fail after about 20 to 30 minutes and refuses to log back on – i might be lucky and get another minute or two but then drops again.

A bit of latency sometimes it seems, but results are fairly typical. I actually noticed once connected you can open the Web ‘n’ Walk stick manager software to max the connection.

I having problems using the software provided it connects but seems to take over a min or longer to get to any webpage.


Installing Huawei E On macOS Sierra And macOS High Sierra –

Feel free to share your experiences below in case there are other issues. How you resolved it? Yeah it seems like T-mobile contracted it out on the cheap, there are even two different versions of the manual, the one on the mobile and the one on the stick Blog All rights reserved! Huawei E not working and not even recognized by macbook pro 13″ june Has anyone gotten the Huawei E 3G usb dongle to work under osx Has anyone else experienced this?

Using a Huawei E170 (T-Mobile Web ‘n’ Walk USB Stick) with Mac OS X Leopard

The strange thing is that in Windows, it works more than 30 mins to hours without problem. I tried checking advanced PPP “Connect automatically A pal explained Firefox holds it’s proxies.

Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion? Its strange cos some days there are frequent disconnections, and some days no disconnects at all. Thanks Ps for your opening note. Speed is no problem at all with 3G of course everywhere but home I managed under snow leopard but now it doesn’t even recognize it. Especially the one with connecting to the internet without using mobile partner. I have been using my web n walk happily for some months now on huawe MacBook, but just now I can’t connect to anything that is on port Thanks so much for the tip – it works a treat.

There dosent seem to be enough power in the USB ports to power the modem and as soon as it connects it drops the device and then says it can’t find the device. The recent upgrade to Here you go guys – your supplier may tell you they don’t support at present but you can cheat https: Huaei entering the phone number in network prefs, the web ‘n’ walk manager no longer crashes at startup, but still crashes when I try to connect.


Sorry about the email verification – I’ve replaced the script – its failed a few now but the new one shouldn’t cause any problems. I am sending this now via my stick at 64k, so if you see this it really works.

HUAWEI E HSPA 3G USB Modem Windows/Mac OS Driver, Software, User Guide | Wireless Drivers

Cheers Jan nova media. Have just installed launch2net, which I had bought previously for a different PC card modem, and this seems to connect fine.

It works with most networks and modems worldwide. My Web ‘n’ Walk software wasn’t crashing, but it mav generating a crash with Network Status whenever I tried connecting. But now I am stuck with a repeating popup message when I open my network pref in my system pref. Guess it would be nice to see SMS support in there too.

If you check ‘Show modem status in menu bar’ then the ‘Connect’ is available from there – small handset logo.