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Installing And Configuring Fax Creating Activity Reports Adding And Modifying User Accounts Connecting To A Web Site About The Windows Desktop Buying Wireless Equipment Touchpad Or Pointing Device Using Windows Fax And Scan Checking Your E-mail Wireless Ethernet Networking Connecting The Dial-up Modem Regulatory Compliance Statements Sharing Drives And Printers Transferring Internet Settings Changing The Desktop Background Opening Files Across The Network Cleaning The Notebook Screen Cleaning Your Notebook Using The Tablet Input Etherrnet tip Conserving Battery Power Using The Ez Pad Touchpad Cyberlink Power2go Advanced Features Installing The Keyboard Adding Devices To Your Network System Recovery Ethrnet Adding Or Replacing Memory Modules Networking Terms You Should Know Playing Music And Movies Thursday, September 17, 3: Using Windows Xp Defragmenting The Hard Drive ehternet Networking Your Notebook Adding Icons To The Wthernet United States Of America Startup And Hard Drive Password Windows Xp User Accounts Adjusting The Screen Resolution