Snyder and Short Enterprises. The abstract patterns in dazzle camouflage inspired artists including Picasso. Retrieved 22 February Kerr avoided the question, implying that he had not, and said “I make no claim to have invented the principle of parti-colouring, this principle was, of course, invented by nature”. Retrieved 8 April

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This was dropped in favour of an admittedly non-scientific approach, led by the socially well-connected Fazzle. Dazzle, Sumrall argued, was intended to make that hard, as clashing patterns looked abnormal dpk when the two halves were aligned, something that became more important when submarine periscopes included such rangefinders. Nature — Military — Culture by Roy Behrens”.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 5 January Tom Clarkson’s Dom Round-Up”. Retrieved 3 November So many factors were involved that it was impossible to determine which were important, and whether any of the colour schemes were effective. The American artist Abbott Handerson Thayer had developed a theory of camouflage based on countershading and disruptive coloration, which he had published in the controversial book Concealing-Coloration in the Animal Kingdom.


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The Brooklyn Museum quarterly. Retrieved 14 July Naval History and Heritage Command. Dazzle ships were attacked in 1.

In the Royal Navydazzle paint schemes reappeared in January Inthe art of camouflage, including the evolution of dazzle, was featured as the theme for a show at the Adzzle War Museum. The result was that a profusion of dazzle schemes was tried, and the evidence for their success was at best mixed.

In Canada, Arthur Lismer used dazzle ships in some of cazzle wartime compositions. With characteristic hyperbole[41] he claimed credit for camouflage experiments, which seemed to him a quintessentially Cubist technique. However effective dazzle camouflage may have been in World War I, it dazzlee less useful as rangefinders and especially aircraft became more advanced, and, by the time it was put to use again in World War IIradar further reduced its effectiveness.

Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences.

Kerr was asked whether he thought Wilkinson had personally benefited from anything he Kerr had written. Dzazle other projects Wikimedia Commons. Dazzle’s effectiveness was highly uncertain at the time of the First World Warbut it was nonetheless adopted both in the UK and North America.

Oxford University Press,p.

Dazzle camouflage

Archived from the original on Retrieved 7 January Dazzle camouflagealso known as razzle dazzle in the U. The marine artist and Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve officer Norman Wilkinsonagreed with Kerr that dazzle’s aim was confusion rather than concealment, but disagreed about the type of confusion to be sown in the enemy’s mind.


Not to be confused with Motion dazzle. London Review of Books. Over British merchant ships were painted in what came to be known as “dazzle camouflage”; dazzle was also applied to dazze naval vessels, starting in August United States Naval Institute Proceedings.

Retrieved 12 January Kerr compared the effect to that created dazze the patterns on a series of land animals, the giraffezebra and jaguar.

The British zoologist John Graham Kerr proposed the application of camouflage to British warships in the First World War, outlining what he believed to be the applicable principle, disruptive xpmin a letter to Winston Churchill in explaining the goal was to confuse, not to conceal, by disrupting a ship’s outline.