The information contained on this site is for informational purposes only. Latest HiQVision architecture , , , , and added a hardware acceleration.. The server doesn’t prevent the user from specifying a mode that will use this memory, it prints a warning on the console. In addition to this many graphics operations are speeded up using a ” pixmap cache “. Two drivers run simultaneously It might affect some other SVR4 operating systems as well.

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It often uses external DAC’s and programmable clock chips to supply additional functionally. Try a lower dot clock.

In its current form, X can not take advantage of this second display channel. When constructing a modeline for use with the Chips and Technologies driver you’ll needed to considered several points.

If this is a problem, a work around is to remove the ” HWcursor ” option. Many laptops use the programmable clock of the x chips at the console. The current programmable clock will be given as the last clock in the anr.

This chip is similar to the but has a 64bit memory bus as opposed to a 32bit bus. It is possible to use the fixed clocks supported by the chip instead by using this option. For chipsets incapable of colour depths greater that 8bpp like thethe dotclock limit is solely determined by the highest dotclock the video processor is capable of handling. Unicorn Computer Corp was founded in as professional PC-based industrial motherboard manufacturer. This is the first version of the of the ctxx that was capable of supporting Hi-Color and True-Color.


Installation of Ethernet driver However use caution with these options, because there is no guarantee that driving the video processor beyond it capabilities won’t cause damage.

CE video driver kit supports C&T 69000

You are probably using a dot clock that is too high or too low ; it is also possible that there is interference with a close MCLK. The lower half of the screen is not accessible. For this reason it is recommended to use one of the programs that automatically generate xorg. Ibl39 micropci lan card with reaek rtl ethernet controller for primary ethernet. In fact if the video BIOS on the machine sets the ct to a technollogies channel mode by default, X will lockup hard at this techonlogies.

The chipset has independent display channels, that can be configured to support independent refresh rates on the flat panel and on the CRT. Otherwise it has the the same properties as the On a cold-booted system this might be the appropriate value to use at the text console see the ” TextClockFreq ” optionas many flat panels will znd a dot clock different than the default to synchronise.

However careful use of this option might boost performance. It is possible to force the server to identify a particular chip with this option. You can use the ” SetMClk ” option in your xorg.


The XVideo extension has only recently been added to the chips driver. The programmable clock makes this option obsolete and so it’s use isn’t recommended. The whole thing is divided by the bytes per pixel, plus an extra byte if you are using a DSTN.

Information for Chips and Technologies Users

It is enabled by default for machines since the blitter can not be used otherwise. There are therefore a wide variety of possible forms for all options. Therefore the server uses a default value of Alternatively the user can use the ” TextClockFreq ” option described above to select a different clock for the text console. If you find 6000 truly can’t achieve the mode you are after with the default clock limitations, look at the options ” DacSpeed ” and ” SetMClk “. The place to find device driver updates.

The ct supports dual-head display. The Chips and Technologies chipsets supported by this driver have one of three basic architectures. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.