Connecting the Beamz to a USB hub may cause latency in music playback; moreover, performance may vary with different USB hub products from different manufacturers. You sense when a musical flourish or melodic solo is supposed to happen, and it’s up to you to trigger the sounds. A theremin is one of the first electronic instruments ever built and also one of the strangest. What does this mean? The laser beams are on, but when I touch a beam nothing happens. Some of the beams are playing by themselves. Through custom installations and live demonstration events, the Beamz has been placed in many long-term care facilities and hospitals throughout Arizona.

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The first time someone blows into a horn, they’re lucky if they can make any sound at all. The Studio Software enables you to load your own samples and create your own original improvisations. The software must be closed again and restarted.

BEAMZ Play The Light Six Laser Interactive Music System C6

There f6 more to the Beamz than just triggering sequenced sounds. However, when you press play, waving your hand in front of the Conductor beam launches a note of dramatic sounding strings.

The Beamz dwarfed the dual monitor setup in my cubicle A song called Minimaloop lets you trigger melodies and drums that loop on top of one another. I wish the Beamz was more like a theremin. So if your bassoon is gathering dust in a closet somewhere, and you were only ever able to make it screech like a creaky door in a horror movie anyway, you should check out the Beamz and discover a fun new approach to music making.


You can’t control the pitch by moving your hand horizontally in a beam with the Studio Software, but at least you can add your own samples and make the work completely your own.

You can wave in other instruments, such as a piano, beams, flute, and French horn, and change the beamx note of the strings anytime you feel like it.

It’s not hard to imagine kids going nuts over the Beamz at Bar Mitzvahs, and having it as an interesting attraction at wedding ceremonies and corporate events. First, make sure the song was installed into the same folder where cc6 other Beamz ebamz are stored.

If you want more prefabricated songs, you can download them from www.

One song called Loop De Loop lets you build up your own composition piece by piece, transforming the Beamz into an instrument that can be used to bsamz totally original sequences that you can perform on the fly. Another version of the Beamz exists that includes the Studio Software.

You simply wave your ebamz in the path of its 6 lasers to make music. The first time someone tries to play guitar, you’re bound to hear fruitless twangs and sloppy attempts at strumming.

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The physical act of having to reach to swipe at a laser gives it a bamz physical, musical feel. Two of the songs that are included act as “live loopers”, which enable you to layer sounds on top of one another.

And did I mention that the Beamz equips you with six real lasers? Beamz software applications require that Microsoft.

Beamz C 6 Interactive Laser Music System Instrument W Sound Variations | eBay

What should I do? Much like the popular video games Guitar Hero and Rock Band, the basic idea behind the Beamz is to set you up with a rhythmic backing track, and let you trigger sounds to the music.


Move the unit around; the software rechecks the environment every second for changes in lighting. Guitar Hero and Rock Band give you visual cues and score you on accuracy. This is an error encountered by XP users with systems running.

Skip to main content. Make sure your Beamz unit is on a flat, stable, level surface and the controller arms are securely inserted into the Beamz base. Beamz Model C6 users: The Beamz does not.

When you are running a laptop on battery power the laptop manages power consumption through power management settings beams maximize battery life. My Beamz Player Model C4 is not working and when the unit is connected to the computer all of the laser beams are displayed as white. The Beamz has been a big hit in pediatrics.

If you’re having some friends over and you get tired of playing Wii bowling, the Beamz would be a fun addition to have to your entertainment system. Laser light shows are always welcome in clubs, and the Beamz seems like it would be right at home too.