On the installation manual of directlink it is indicated that we have to configure midi in and midi out on Axiom DirectLink. On the other hand when I selected All Midi Input there has no problem.. Create a new topic About this Question 1. I just got the 25 today and am using a pc. I am running Vista 32bit SP2, with Live 8. I’m sure its a very simple thing, if not

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Axiom 49 (original) – Logic Pro X Directlink

If not I understand. Sat Sep 11, 8: That’s how I’m reading M-Audio’s docs. Mon Sep 06, 4: Community-powered support for M-Audio. In Midi Sync Preferences it’s simple to select the Control Surface from the top drop down, but below In and Out Ports are directink to many variables to select in order for it to work properly.

No sound with directlink axiom 49 MK2 Edit Subject. Check out this link: I’ve managed to get Omnisphere Faders and Pans to the Direcylink. Thanks very much in advance. Do you show the lesson in your help viewer?


Page 1 of 2. The transport and everything on the keyboard seems to work, but I’d like to view the lesson which M-Audio says is built in to Live after 8. I just cannot get Pan or Record enable. On the other hand when I selected All Midi Input there has no problem.

When the buttons are turned off, you are free to assign and “MIDI Learn” any parameters separately from the directlink mapping. I have Axiom DirectLink selected as the control surface device formerly “2nd gen” Axiomand select the DirectLink in and out ports for Control Surface in and out.

It might help if all concerned were to do the same, they may just send or post the the necessary Document that is needed for us to properly set up the new board.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

I am running Vista 32bit SP2, with Live 8. But either way, they say which encoders do what etc. I have tried re-installing the driver and 8. Do you have record arm a track and pan?

Fri Aug 20, 4: Thu Oct 07, When will the next beta be coming around? Previous topic Next topic. I need a much more 1 to 1 turning ratio, like one whole turn axuom the knob should be all the way from 0 to These are used to turn the Directlink on and off for their parameters.


What are the preferences settings for those of you for whom this is working, and is anyone using 8.

Sat Sep 11, 3: I just didn’t have it set up right in prefs. I do not believe it’s a mistake on the purchase, they just simply forgot to include the “Axiom Directlink Control Surface Reference Lesson” in Lives Help menu”.

Please let me know if you have any questions. You can find the lesson in THIS beta 8. Hello, I come to ask you for your help because having managed finally to obtain Axiom in the drop-down list of Cubase I have another problem the solution of which I do not manage to directlijk.