Could you check your headphone jacks please? J Sandeen November 19, We did not find the solution. The DM6, like most other electronic drum kits , has pads made of rubber with a steel core. Recognized as “edrum” in windows 7 devices, and there is no apparent driver issue. Get Satisfaction uses Javascript and cookies.

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Considering the price, the Alesis DM6 does sound really good.

Moonyloony June 02, Learn how your comment data is processed. Help get this topic noticed by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or email. Produce different sounds from a software on my computer using my drums to alesix them really a newbie: If you want to record the audio from the module, you will need to record the master outputs from the DM6.

J Sandeen February 28, Can i make the hi hat pedal changes into a second kick pedal?? Moonyloony June 03, modi I learned a lot reading this review.

If all the pads work without a computer connection then its your module that’s the culprit.


How do I connect DM6 to PC?

Hey, I’m Yannick, and I want to help you become the awesome drummer you can be! Barry Brewer June 15, And you can surely record drum covers with it:. Acknowledged In progress Doesn’t need answer Answered. Since you confirmed your module works with a computer connection but its simply not sending MIDI alesi to your computer, you may need to service your module or look into other options. If you hit ussb drum or pad, do you see MIDI information in your computer screen?

Cons Limited sound range No advanced features cymbal choke, half-open Hi-Hat.

Also send me a free report on how to become a better drummer in 3 weeks! The mood in here. Log in or Sign up.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

But to be fair: Servicing products are not handled here on the forum. I have a question, what kind of apps iOS do you recommend for a beginner?

If not, then it’s not processing the MIDI.

Wow, have been dealing with this problem for about 4 days, and I found a solution to it. Could you check your headphone usv please? You’ll need to enable Javascript and cookies to participate.


The kick pad is about 3 inch wide and that will kidi most double bass pedals. But I guess your question aims at how to go about learning the drums properly? Chris D Employee June 02, And you can adjust the volume of the latter via the knob on the module.

Chris D Employee June 05, If you bought this kit on Amazon like I did, it would come in one box of about 3 x 2 x 1ft and weigh around 35 pounds. Same thing you would use on a printer and such. Once set up, the Alesis DM6 will take up an area of about 5ft by 4ft.